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Dooly's '93

The Name Dooly’s ‘93 represents the year the first Dooly’s was opened.

THE BRAND: Dooly’s ’93 is a refreshing lager that is Always Smooth. Brewed with higher quality ingredients that ladder to smoother and more drinkable taste than other value brands. On a blind taste test basis, Dooly’s ’93 is rated more smooth and drinkable than any other brand in the same category.


Beer Style: A light bodied easy drinking lager that always finishes smooth.

INGREDIENTS: Two-row malted barley, hops, proprietary lager yeast from Golden Colorado, maize and water.

APPEARANCE: Pale blonde color and clear. 

TASTE: Crisp light flavor, balanced with subtle hop bitterness.

FINISH: Clean and dry with no aftertaste.

CALORIES: 116 / 341 ml|© Copyright 2018 Dooly's Inc.
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