Staff profiles

For 25 years, Dooly’s has thrived by building a team of smart, loyal, dedicated people, from front line staff to managers, franchisees and office personnel, who work tirelessly to ensure our patrons have an enjoyable experience when they visit any of our locations. 

This is the perfect time to recognize each of them for their efforts and acknowledge their huge part in our continued success. Scroll down to see familiar faces and learn more about the people who have made up the Dooly’s team for 5 years or more.



Amherst, NS
Originally from River Herbert, NS: 18 Years

Michael was asked to help out one night and it got so busy he ended up learning how to bartend on the fly.  He loved it so much he never left.  Michael is kind, considerate and always willing to help.  He is involved in many charities and a huge supporter of lights for life.



Amherst, NS
Originally from River Herbert, NS: 17 Years

Shelley is a great mentor.  She has a soft spot for the Lymphoma Light the Night Walk as she lost someone near to her heart.  A cherished memory… First year in the new location decorating with Roddie and all the staff.



Dartmouth – Burnside, NS
Originally from Lyons Brook, Pictou County, NS: 8 Years

Jen has recently been promoted to manager.  She has an infectious smile and is very dedicated to her customers.  All Jen needs to get through the day is about four cups of tea and a funny cat picture.  Customers lovely call her “Tigger” or “Little One”.



Campbellton, NB
Originally from Pointe-à-la-Croix, Que.: 7 Years

Jolene is a hard-working woman.  She is a single mother, working two jobs.  She is a very professional bartender, who works very well with her co-workers and is well-liked by customers.



Campbellton, NB
Originally from Campbellton, NB: 9 Years

I came to work at Dooly’s for one summer and I am still here nine years later, because I loved the job!  I am now the manager and I don’t plan to go anywhere.  Dooly’s became my second home.



Caraquet, NB
Originally from Bas-Caraquet, NB: 17 years

I was manager at this store from 2000 until 2008, when I became owner/manager.  I have always loved working for the great team at Dooly’s, taking my work and accomplishments to heart.  The most gratifying for me is having helped people advance in their lives.  I have had a lot of employees who have worked for me that have gone or returned to studies.  I love doing fundraisers to make a difference in people’s lives.  Working at Dooly’s is more than work for me, it is a passion.



Caraquet, NB
Originally from Bas-Caraquet, NB: 9 years

Isabelle is a strong and honest person, with a lot of good experience as a waitress.  She does the accounting for the store and makes sure everything runs smoothly.  She is a good friend, and she will tell me straightforward if she likes or not any idea I come up with, which I adore from her.  Precious moments are the nights with a band when the place is full of people and especially seeing my store succeed.



Caraquet, NB
Originally from Bertrand, NB: 6 years

Maude is our mentor, loves everything to be in its place, with post-it notes everywhere!  She is respected, very attentive, and cares a lot about our customers, let’s say that she takes good care of the place in my absence.  She also loves to participate in our fundraiser Triaboule.  She adores her cat Sandy and spending time with her family, and cares a lot about her community.  She works part-time as she also teaches.  



Caraquet, NB
Originally from Maisonnette, NB: 9 years

Mylene is always ready to help organize fundraisers, always ready to try new things.  She loves working nights when there’s a band playing and the place is full of people.  She adores her little dog Gucci.  Her favourite memories and good times are when she worked full-time, working with the staff.  She now works part-time as she is also an auxiliary nurse.



Caraquet, NB
Originally from St-Simon, NB: 8 years

Stéphanie started as a busgirl.  She is a shy person, but cares a lot about our customers.  She loves working at nights and finishing her shift when it’s quiet (even if it is late).  Her nickname is “Ninnii”.  She has been a faithful participant in our Triaboule for Tree of Hope, which is to me probably her favourite memories.  She will be graduating soon as a laboratory technician.  She will be greatly missed. 



Caraquet, NB
Originally from Pokesudie, NB: 6 years

Sylvie is the oldest here, but she does the equivalent work of three people behind the bar, you don’t wait long to be served.  She is devoted, will make sure customers know about promotions and specials.  She loves her work, is very organized and likes the place clean.  Sylvie is honest and dependable, who cares about our customers, and they love her.  She loves her family and has a big heart.  She works here only during the winter as she works at a fish plant during the spring and summer.



Fredericton – Main St, NB
Originally from Fredericton, NB: 5 Years

Whether she’s tripping over her own two feet, telling a story, telling questionable jokes or dancing up a storm, it’s always an entertaining day when Amanda is behind the bar. She’s always keeping the customers smiling and laughing.



Fredericton – Main St, NB
Originally from Minto, NB: 12 Years

April has been part of our team for 12 years. I don’t know if the staff or customers would know what to do without her.  She’s the kind of person who always gives 110% and is always putting others first.  If she ever takes a day off work, which isn’t often, you would most definitely find her with her fur-child Willow.



Fredericton - Queen St., NB
Originally from Fredericton, NB: 9 Years

My favourite part of my job is working with my amazing team and getting to see my regular customers every day.



Glace Bay, NS
Originally from Glace Bay, NS: 7 Years

Our “Beeker” aka “BK” hails from Glace Bay and is too important for just words to describe.  Dayshift or nightshift, customers adore this 5-footer whose “cackle” laugh brings all from near and far for her pour. THE PEROGIES!



Glace Bay, NS
Originally from Toronto, Ont.: 7 Years

Known as “Tin Foil”, Jeff is integral in our success in our day-to-day.  Besides being a partner in our annual “Pool for Parkinson’s”, Jeff is also statistician of our Football and Nascar pools. Jeff always maintains a “cool” attitude while conversing with our patrons.



Glace Bay, NS
Originally from Glace Bay, NS: 7 Years

Marcie doesn’t have a nickname, but it should be “bulldog”.  A CBU student, decorated cheerleading coach, community fundraiser, radio personality, and our Dooly’s official decorator, she always shoots from the hip and is a cherished member of our team.



Magdalen Islands, Qué.
(originally from L’Étang-du-Nord, Qué.) : 23 Years

Despite her position as financial service agent at the Caisse populaire Desjardins des Ramées, Brigitte still works with us part-time, and this, for the past 23 years.  Her leadership and excellent service are just a part of the numerous qualities she possesses, and we hope to be able to keep her for a long time still.  And don’t worry, her cash register always balances.  Thank you Brigitte!



Magdalen Islands, Qué.
(originally from L’Étang-du-Nord, Qué.) : 22 Years

We have been very fortunate to have Élizabeth as part of our team for all those years.  You can always count on her, she is honest and very dedicated to her work, and those are just a few of her numerous qualities.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she always wants the people that surround her to be happy.  Thank you Élizabeth!



Magdalen Islands, Qué.
(originally from Fatima, Qué.) : 6 Years

The go-getter, the traveller, a loving person… her determination earned her a position as financial consultant for the National Bank.  If she’s not at work at Dooly’s, she might be gone in training, a beach somewhere south, a hunting trip or simply at home with her man and two dogs.  Life is beautiful!  Thank you Mélissa, keep that beautiful smile!



Saint John - Loch Lomond, NB
Originally from Fredericton, NB: 10 Years

April is very upbeat and friendly with everyone.  She loves her dog and is an artist at heart, however, she should have taken the singing lessons her parents paid for!



Saint John - Loch Lomond, NB
Originally from Saint John, NB: 6 Years

If you give Jen any task she is bound and determined to tackle it!  She is never late and you will never see her without a coffee in her hand.  Her love for Justin Bieber will never die!



Saint John - Loch Lomond, NB
Originally from Saint John, NB: 5 Years

Marilyn loves her job and her customers.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and she has never missed a Bingo night.  If you are craving something sweet to eat, just ask Marilyn as she carries a bag full of treats everywhere she goes.



Moncton - Elmwood Dr., NB
Originally from Riverview, NB: 8 Years

Deanna, better known to us as “Mama D” is a very hard-working mom of two with a wicked sense of humour.  There is never a dull moment with Deanna around.  When she isn’t working at one of her three jobs, spending time with her children, or doing charity work, you can find Deanna lounging around on a beach in her favourite vacation destination - Cuba!  She also really likes pandas.



Moncton - Elmwood Dr., NB
Originally from Moncton, NB: 5 Years

As assistant manager Emily is an asset to our team.  She has built special relationships with many of her regular customers over the years and has earned the nickname “Princess”.  When not busy working, Emily is in the kitchen whipping up some new fancy concoction.



Moncton - Elmwood Dr., NB
Originally from Campbellton, NB: 11 Years

Michelle takes pride in her work.  Dooly’s is not just a job to her but a career.  Michelle, a strong and independent Italian woman, likes to visit her family in Italy as often as she can.  Michelle has built a regular clientele over the years and is willing to talk smack with anyone not a Patriots fan. 



Moncton - Mountain Rd., NB
Originally from Miramichi, NB: 6 Years

Aimee is a real joker!  She loves to make people laugh and has even gone viral with a video of her covering the keg delivery guys with silly string.



Moncton - Mountain Rd., NB
Originally from Jacquet River, NB: 13 Years

Drew is a great mentor to his team.  He's always ready to lend a helping hand with charity events to support his community.  He adores his wife Jenna and their new puppy Dora.  In his spare time Drew loves to build cool stuff in his shop and spend some time in his kayak.  



Moncton - Mountain Rd., NB
Originally from Bathurst, NB: 9 Years

So many staff look up to Lynn and she always has a smile on her face.  She has amazing skills and is a great trainer!  She even met her husband at Dooly’s!



Oromocto, NB
Originally from Oromocto, NB: 7 Years

Holly’s nickname is “Hollster”.  She runs our dart league and usually junk food keeps her going.  When given a challenge she can sell anything.



Oromocto, NB
Originally from Dartmouth, NS: 9 Years

Trish is a good asset to the team.  She tries to lead by example, at home as well as at work. Her nickname is “TC”.  She is a hockey, football and baseball mom and her son’s biggest fan. 



Port Hawkesbury, NS
Originally from Frankville, NS: 10 Years

Amelia loves soccer and the outdoors.  She needs an energy drink for a boost.  Amelia is an “energizer bunny” and has earned the nickname “Fabulous”.



Port Hawkesbury, NS
Originally from Port Hawkesbury, NS: 8 Years

Kerise loves the Montreal Canadiens and her coffee black!  She also loves walking the trails and time at the mall.  Most used phrase after pointing to her name tag “I bet you can’t pronounce my name properly!”



Port Hawkesbury, NS
Originally from Port Hawkesbury, NS: 18 Years

Melanie loves playing pool and a good cup of coffee.  She is a football and hockey fan. Melanie is known as “Mel P, Quiet Spice”.  Her motto, “A roll of duct tape, two pool cues and a coat hanger will fix it.”



Dartmouth – Portland, NS
Originally from Halifax, NS: 5 Years

What I have learned to cherish most in my five years working at Dooly’s is the staff.  I have been able to work with a hard working, unique and supportive group of people. For me, working at Dooly’s isn’t just putting on a uniform and going to work, it’s going to work and taking pride in what I do and who I’m with.



Dartmouth – Portland, NS
Originally from Halifax, NS: 15 Years

Over the years I have had the most incredible teams of staff to work with.  I have worked in a lot of locations, and had the opportunity to meet hundreds of staff members.  It is truly very easy to go to work every day when you love what you do. Most cherished moment was probably when the staff made up t-shirts for each of them that said, “what would Tracey do”. They make me laugh everyday.



Riverview, NB
Originally from Riverview, NB: 5 Years

Amy’s focus in work and in life is to make people feel great.  She demonstrates that as a server but also as a talented hair stylist and makeup artist.  It’s what drives her to do a good job and she does just that!



Riverview, NB
Originally from Riverview, NB: 11 Years

Courtney is an animal lover and a lover of travel.  She combined her two loves and spent time interning as a dolphin trainer in both Hawaii and Bermuda.  She likes to keep up with anything happening in the media and maintains an active social life.  These things make her an excellent conversationalist since she is never short on things to talk about!



Halifax – Rockingham, NS
Originally from Cape Breton Island, NS: 6 Years

Rose is known for her positive personality and respect for others. She is a great mentor to our team.  Rose is a member of a Jeep Club and drives a jeep that sits three feet off the ground.  She can never work the third Sunday of the month as it is her monthly Jeep run.



Saint John - Prince Edward Square, NB
Originally from Saint John, NB: 14 Years

Jenn is very social and a caring employee of Dooly’s Prince Edward.  She takes pride in her work and serving the customers that are more like family.



St. Stephen, NB
Originally from St. Stephen, NB: 15 Years

Andrea is driven toward success in everything she involves herself in.  She is a family oriented woman, whether it is her husband, her children or her Dooly’s family.  She strives to help them achieve their full potential.



St. Stephen, NB
Originally from St. Stephen, NB: 22 Years

Pam enjoys football, having a few beer and chicken wings on Sundays.  She has a kind heart but doesn’t like people to know.  She is eager to raise money for charities that she feels are important.  She is the backbone of our team.



Summerside, PEI
Originally from Souris, PEI: 23 Years

Karla is the General Manager and intends to retire from Dooly’s.


Summerside, PEI
Originally from Kellys Cross, PEI: 15 Years

Stacey is a supervisor.  She lives and breathes Dooly’s.


Summerside, PEI
Originally from Summerside, PEI: 19 Years

Shannan is the assistant manager.  He is a great guy and is well-respected by all the staff and customers.



Sydney, NS
Originally from Sydney, NS: 10 Years

Crystal is a self-proclaimed miss fix it.  One year, secret Santa gave her a tool kit.  She always keeps busy and keeps the place shining.  She is a valued member of our team.



Sydney, NS
Originally from Donkin, NS: 9 Years

Erin is a sweet person and well-liked by all.  She is the keeper of the birthday calendar so her co-workers like to stay on her good side.  She hasn’t missed a birthday or shower yet.


Sydney, NS
Originally from Sydney, NS: 8 Years

Chelsey is the assistant manager.  She is invaluable to the operation of the business.  Chelsey will be leaving soon to become a first-time mom.  Congratulations!



St. John’s – Topsail Rd., NL
Originally from St. John’s, NL: 12 Years

Cathy is a sweetheart and is well-liked by customers and her co-workers.  Her laughter is infectious.  She loves poker and vodka…lol.  After 12 years she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 



St. John’s – Topsail Rd., NL
Originally from St. John’s, NL: 8 Years

John always has his eye on the details.  He is our in-house Mr. Fix It, especially when it comes to electronics.



St. John’s – Topsail Rd., NL
Originally from St. John’s, NL: 20 Years

Mike runs our in-house pool leagues and has been running the Sunny’s Dream Charity pool tournament for 20 years.  He is a sports fan, and he coaches minor baseball and softball.  Mike is well-liked by all.



St. John’s – Topsail Rd., NL
Originally from St. John’s, NL: 12 Years

Raylene is a great asset to the team.  She is well-liked by customers and staff and is affectionately known as Ray Ray.  She has a career in Social Work but continues to stay at Dooly’s, and we’re glad she does.



Tracadie, NB
Originally from Caraquet, NB: 13 years

Carole has been here since the store opened.  She is always ready to give a helping hand, and she’s very dependable.  Her babies are one dog and three cats.  She loves to take cruises to see the world.  Customers lovely call her “Thépot”.



Tracadie, NB
Originally from Bas-Caraquet, NB: 5 years

Stéphanie is studying Physiotherapy, and when she has any spare time she always wants a shift.  She needs her yoga more than her coffee to get going.  She loves nature, does a lot of sports, like running, the gym and kayaking.  Her nickname is “ti pitou”.



Tracadie, NB
Originally from Maisonnette, NB: 20 years

Sylvie adores her Dooly’s family.  She volunteers and is president of the Oyster Festival, and does fundraising for Tree of Hope.  Fondest memories are carding her boss when she first started and opening her own store.  Loves hunting and outdoor activities, and goes out on her pontoon to relax.  Her clients call her “little boss” because of her short stature.



St. John’s - Water St., NL
Originally from St. John’s, NL: 10 Years

There is no other word to describe Amanda than crazy, and she is loved by all.  Amanda needs her coffee, tea, Pepsi and pizza to try and get her day going.  She is our wild card for sure.



St. John’s - Water St., NL
Originally from St. John’s, NL: 9 Years

Candice always works Saturday nights including UFC fight nights.  She has a lot of patience.  This probably comes from her career as a teacher.  Besides teaching she has been working with her Dooly’s family for nine years and it looks like she will be with us for a while yet.



St. John’s - Water St., NL
Originally from Montreal, Que.: 10 Years

Pascale has been an asset from day one.  She is a mentor to her co-workers and trains all new staff.  Pascale puts 110% into every shift she works.  She is planning to move to Montreal.  We wish her all the best.



St. John’s - Water St., NL
Originally from Bonavista, NL: 14 Years

Renee is a very caring and kind person.  She has a career in education and is working on getting her masters this year.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication.



Woodstock, NB
Originally from Woodstock, NB: 20 Years

Clay is the best bartender in town and everyone loves him.  He is a serious Habs fan and he does NOT do mornings!



Woodstock, NB
Krystle (originally from Saint John, NB): 7 Years

Krystle strives for perfection.  She is very social and enjoys seeing her customers well-fed and not thirsty.  Krystle is an awesome mom!



Woodstock, NB
Originally from Woodstock, NB: 9 Years

Mike’s favorite charities are the IWK and Montreal Shriners.  He likes all sports but mostly when semi-finals begin.  Mike is also known as “Mikey” or “Mr. Port”.



Woodstock, NB
Originally from Woodstock, NB: 13 Years

Sam is our organizer and decorator!  She is the greatest asset to our team.  Sam definitely needs her extra-large coffee in the mornings - maybe two!  She is our “Ms. Perfect”!


Yarmouth, NS
Originally from Yarmouth, NS: 5 Years

Amanda is a team leader and a huge asset to our team.  She loves her Toronto Maple Leafs (even more so now that they are winning).  Most mornings she needs her Watermelon Rockstar to get her going and once she drinks the whole can - watch out!



Halifax - Young St., NS
Originally from Eastern Passage, NS: 11 Years

Amanda is a very outgoing person!  She is a great boss and very helpful to all of the staff and customers.  She is always available when needed.  She has two children that keep her very busy with their hockey schedules.  She is known for the love of her mustangs and shopping.



Halifax - Young St., NS
Originally from Halifax, NS: 18.5 Years

Dana is great at training new team members.  The staff look up to her as a role model for our team.  She played SMH Women’s Volleyball and won AUAA/ASIA Championship in 1996-1997.  Dana has two beautiful children that are her pride and joy!  And by the way, she is a Canadiens fan.



Halifax - Young St., NS
Originally from Halifax, NS: 18 Years

Troy is well-liked by his regular customers.  He is our go-to guy when something needs to be fixed.  His nicknames are “T-Bone” or “T“.  Troy takes a lot of pride in his vehicles.  They always have a nice shine or a sold sign on them.



Head Office
(originally from Magdalen Islands, Que.)


Head Office
(originally from Montreal, Que.)

Bernard & Pierre opened their first Dooly’s in Moncton in 1993 and never looked back.  They have enjoyed a relationship for the past 25 years that goes beyond being partners, they became great friends.  Family is important to Pierre and Bernard, both having a supportive wife as well as loving children and grandchildren.  “It takes a team of many to achieve success and we have an amazing team.”

Pierre can’t get enough snow. Outside of his family, snowmobiling is definitely one of his great passions.

Bernard is an avid Canadiens fan and when he’s not spending time with his family he loves to spend as much time boating as possible.



Originally from Montreal, Que.: 20 Years

I must say, it's been a wonderful journey so far and I feel truly blessed and grateful to work with such amazing people.  Dooly's wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for its amazing TEAM!  Also, a BIG "Thank You" to all are amazing customers that supported us throughout the years.  Cheers to everyone for an exceptional 25 years and looking forward to many more!



Originally from Truro, NS: 25 Years

Karen is part of the originating Dooly’s team.  “We are so proud and fortunate to have such an amazing team, which is more like family.  It’s because of them we have been blessed with 25 years of success.”

Karen loves boating and riding her motorcycle as much as possible.

Psst: Dooly’s got its name from Karen.



Originally from Leominster, Mass., USA: 30 Years

Rachelle has been with the Dooly’s family since way before it all started.  With 30 years working with the founders, she started at a young age and grew along with the successful businesses.  Accounting is her passion.  She is the proud mother of two daughters (who are very caring adults).  Traveling is a must for Rachelle and she enjoys her fun in the sun!



Originally from Summerside, PEI: 20 Years

I love my job.  My favourite part of my job is that I get to help other people succeed at what they love to do as well.



Originally from Ste-Marie, NB: 22 Years

Gisèle has been with the Dooly’s family for 22 years.  An Administrative Assistant we could not do without.  She is continuously going out of her way to ease everyone else’s job.  People call the office just to hear her voice and her smile is contagious.  She is the mother of two successful children - an electronics technologist and a teacher.  Travelling is one of her passions.  Gisèle is just an all-around special person and friend. 



Originally from Notre-Dame, NB: 19 Years

Nathalie has been with the Dooly’s family for 19 years.  She has been a tremendous asset in the accounting department (and as a matter of fact, ALL departments).  She is the mother of two, a handsome young son and a beautiful princess of a daughter.  Cooking is one of her many passions.  She is a person you can be proud to call a friend.



Originally from Saint-Paul, NB: 10 Years

Sylvette has been with the Dooly’s family for 10 years.  Another huge piece of the accounting department and a TEAM player all the way.  She is a loving, caring mother of a gorgeous 3-year-old son and an adorable brand-new baby girl.  She loves spending time with her family and friends.  She is a friend that will always be there for you.



Originally from Moncton, NB: 5 Years

Jenn is an integral part of our marketing department and is an amazing graphic designer.  She is sometimes referred to as “Google” because luckily, she seems to have the answer for most everything.  Besides having five children who she absolutely adores she still finds time to be an avid DIYer.  How does she do it?



Originally from Moncton, NB: 25 Years

Claude has been with our Dooly's family since the beginning.  Besides being someone we can count on, he enjoys “Staying out of trouble”, woodworking and tinkering in his shed!